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Case Study 2:

We Want to Become Travel Bloggers, Dilemma: We've Never Done This Before

Two years ago this month was a time in my life where I needed a new direction, a challenge that would make me feel the excitement of a new frontier after 15 Years of building HTML-based websites. Don't get me wrong, I love what I do.....but anyone can get stuck in a routine and needs to break free and take risks..
The technology was going through another rapid "reset" and there were some areas in my skillset that felt 'light". I wasn't comfortable accepting any new projects which required knowledge in WordPress, Social Media and Blogging in general. I had tinkered with Blogger in the past but never got very far and really felt the pull to master these new genres.
When I was approached by a friend to team up on a project he had been thinking about for a while I said sure! And so the birth of Aruba Trip Tips!

He had been traveling to the island paradise of Aruba since 2005 nearly 10 years straight of vacations on Palm Beach. As a result he became a huge fan of the island and felt compelled to share the joy that his travels brought him. He began bringing his new wife to the island and convinced me as well to travel to Aruba so I could understand the nature of this exotic destination. the topic Considerin himself When I met Grace in 2007 it was gratifying after two weeks spent searching for a local Maine Coon breeder. My daughter was turning 15 at the end of the month and she had gotten great grades in school which led to a promise of a Maine Coon kitten for her birthday. Our family agreed we had room for one more pet, especially such a beautiful breed. Living on the North Shore of Long Island and we began searching the entire Northeast corrider on Google for a breeder that might have a Main Coon kitten available in August.
After contacting many sketchy websites in Massachussets, Vermont & New Hampshire we began getting a feeling we were asking for the impossible....with heavy heart I told my daughter I didn't think we'd be able to pull it off.......set expectations, be honest.
I explained to her there were no Maine Coon breeders on Long Island and I wasn't willing to go as far as "Maine" to find one......but leave it your kids--when they get something in their heads they don't give up. A week later my daughter walks into the room and exclaims she found a Maine Coon breeder on Long Island! How is that possible I said with skepticism....she replied "I found them on page 40, is West Islip nearby?". That's just 20 minutes directly south of us! How is that possible!

After selecting Sebastian, big blue/silver Maine Coon, Grace and I got to talking about how my daughter discovered her website by sheer accident. I explained that this isn't good for her business and that CWG Design could really help her web placement, improve customer experience and completely turn things around for Graro Maine Coons.

We teamed up after that first conversation---I immediately renovated her website, cleaning up broken links, redesigning the look and feel, changing content on a weekly basis and most importantly adding the missing SEO programming. Within 60 days Grace's website made significant gains--within a year she was on page one of Google, Bing & Yahoo under major search terms such as "Maine Coon Cattery", Maine Coon Kitten", "Maine Coon Kittens" and most importantly "Long Island Maine Coon Breeder". These rank results have been in effect for over 9 years and has been recently returned as a "Featured Snippet" (see right). Reach for the Stars!

Graro Maine Coons has been the leading Maine Coon breeder in the U.S. since 2005.
If you would like a Maine Coon please e-mail here...

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