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When you are passionate about a discipline --it shows! Originally known as Column Web Graphics...CWG Design grew out of the early days of the Internet when websites were more vanity plates than the most vital part of your company's image. Today business understands the importance your website as a frontline means of communications with your customer base.
We are a team of web developers, SEO experts, marketers and visual artists with nearly two decades of experience to take you business to the next level.

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8 Design Steps

As the wesbite design industry has changed as a whole, we have also adapted to these changes; and as such, our sites are now built with these changes in mind. In our design philosophy, it's essential that sites be not only elegant, but responsive-therefore we have embraced the bootstrap discipline as a means to build superior websites.

1. Discuss Goals

The first step is getting to know you, the client, in order to better understand your goals, visions and specific needs, as well the desired outcomes for your future website.

2. Inspiration

We believe that what goes into the design of your website should both represent your business, as well as your vision. At CWG, we strive to be able to turn that vision into a reality.

3. Select Template

Bootstrap offers a wide of array of beautiful, responsive templates that are both visually pleasing and professional-allowing for impressive and attractive websites.

4. Demo Design

After choosing a template, we will work closely with you to customize your website to your specifications and needs every step of the way to ensure satisfaction.

5. Test

Once the design bulding stage is complete and we have met your needs, we will devote time testing the website before launch to ensure that the website looks and runs smoothly.

6. SEO Programming

Search engine optimization is one of the methods we specialize in to help ensure that your business becomes and remains a top ranking website geared to the major search engines: Google, Bing & Yahoo.

7. Presentation

Once the initial steps and design goals are met, we will meet with you for one final review to make sure that the project has met your business' needs & expectations.

8. Launch

After the site is live, we continue to monitor its progress-observing its traffic, results, and search engine ranking from the intitial launch date.


CWG-Design established 1999 is based in Long Island, New York.

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