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We know our way around the Twitterverse, the Facebook dimension and and constantly adapting to Social Media arenas as they adapt and evolve. We know how to make friends for business.....we can't stop talking about your business. That's why!

Our Favorite SM Platforms

At CWG we don't just Retweet & Favorite to get your customers attention. We understand that it takes time, persistence & the right strategy to truly engage and maintain your clients interests. The times are constantly changing and every day people's newsfeeds and timelimes as clogged by a plethora of information. Let us be the voice that stands out among the crowd.


From Likes, to strategic Call-To-Actions to Shares & more; we've got you covered! Let us grow your fanbase & engage with the right people-the people YOU want to see navigating your site.


We are Twitter fanatics! With access to key twitter chats, connections with active Twitter mavericks and strategies geared towards optimizing your business at the right moments, CWG has you covered.


Pinterest for Business is like our second language. We love spending time creating the perfect boards, pinning gorgeous photos and making sure traffic flows beautifully to your site.


Who doesn't love a good photograph?


CWG-Design established 1999 is based in Long Island, New York.

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