Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

WHAT IS SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION? Who are the big 3? Google. Yahoo. Bing.

Search engines are indexes that list your website related to the content on your page.
SEO Friendly is our goal for your website.

Understanding the Big 3

There are 100s of search engines that reside on the Internet. The three most readily used are GOOGLE, YAHOO & BING. Your rank by these search engines can effect your business. We target the Big 3.

Our Recipe

We are well-versed in the language of search engine.Search engines need words to spider and crawl. We possess the tools to create a page that search engines prefer. Our SEO formula has been tried and tested over nearly two decades turning the mysteryof SEO into science.

The Algorithm...Don't Panic

Panda...Penguin....Phantom...Not to worry! You're in good hands......We are able to design pages that can roll with the punches. Our goal is to have your rank grow and weather changes!

Tending the Garden

Your site is ranking well and that's good, but without ongoing changes to your website your successful placement can fade over time without ongoing maintenance. Our maintenance plans cover methods we use to increase traffic and placement for your website.


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