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When I started Column Web Graphics it was 1999 and the early days of the Internet. I was driven to create a meaningful business that allowed me to express both my right and left-brained nature. My earlier career in banking had left me with a respect and admiration of the technical and objective nature of life as a system and a logical foundation. My right brain had always been the driving force behind my creativity and artistic nature. Web design, for me, was the perfect marriage of my life philosophies and Column Web Graphics in it's infancy was an extension of myself.
To this day I am still very pleased I pursued this path and very passionate about the quality of product both from an artistic and technical perspective that we render.

As my company became CWG-Design it has grown and I have been fortunate enough to be joined by a team of talented, young individuals skilled in programming, marketing and most of all creativity.

Some of the lessons learned from 18+ Years in a Growing Technology Industry...

  • Listen closely to your client's needs...actually understand their vision and join it.
  • If your client is successful through your actions it's a win-win situation you will both benefit from.
  • Be flexible. Be detail-oriented. Stand by your work and don't cut corners...
  • Always communicate with your clients--in person is even better...it will clarify anything that was unclear and avoid misunderstandings.
  • Never hesitate to take time...all the time that is needed to explain your project strategy to your client--they'll like that you really care about their business.

    A warm thank to all my wonderful customers and to those who believed in my company from it's early beginnings...

    Christina Canzoneri
    Owner/Web Developer/Artist
    CWG Design


CWG-Design established 1999 is based in Long Island, New York.

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